TFLA Keynote Description:

Filmmakers, like teachers, seek to design powerful experiences that will educate, entertain, and inspire their audiences. However, do you ever hesitate to engage learners with authentic language because the content of “real life” seems too complex for their language skills? Do your students sometimes struggle to participate in even your most carefully planned activities? During this interactive keynote, you will experience research findings on expertise, literacy, and visual cognition and explore how successful filmmakers use them to design and scaffold literacy, learning, and language production for audiences of all ages.

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"At any given moment, you have the power to say, “This is not how my story will end.” (Author Unknown, Meme by BK & Erich Stussi)

"Learners need opportunities to practice without penalty" (Dawn Samples).

"Nothing motivates like success" (Susan Gross).

"You teach who you are" (Parker Palmer, 1997, p. 3).

"Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often" (Susan Statham), Meme by BK & David Goehring)


Matt & Lily Auclair, Dallas Dance Exhibition

Robert Royston & Melissa Rutz Grand Nationals 2009

The Danger of a Single Story

The Rich vs. the Poor

The Time You Have in Jellybeans


Waiting on the World to Change (DPAN)

Water is Life