This page contains resources that are likely to be of use to administrators, curriculum coordinators, and district supervisors.

ACTFLGuidingPrinciplesForLanguageLearning.JPG- A list of core principles from ACTFL with limited links to resources

LiteracyInLanguageLearning.JPG- A contemporary definition and key characteristics of literacy pertaining to world language education in the 21st century provided by ACTFL

OPIStrategiesInTheWLClassroomRev.JPG - Includes an excellent infographic that outlines a useful process and question prompts for preparing learners for OPIs in the world language classroom

PerformanceALaMode.JPG(See also: A Scoop of Performance Ice Cream)

Scaffolding Reading Comprehension in a Foreign Language Class - A blog post from Flippin' with Kirsch that outlines how a team of teachers used a variety of free, web 2.0 technology tools to help learners in a Spanish 3 class read a novel.

The Go-to Strategies: Scaffolding Options for Teachers of English Language Learners - Grounded in 5 excellent core principles for scaffolding, this resource book identifies 78 strategies