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Session Description

Many teachers are committed to helping their students communicate with target language communities, engage with culturally authentic texts, and explore academic content from other disciplines. However, these types of cognitively demanding activities create significant challenges for beginning learners who have not yet developed high levels of linguistic proficiency. The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate how scaffolding can be used as a tool to successfully address the challenges associated with using the target language as a tool for learning in beginning levels. The workshop will define scaffolding, highlight key misconceptions about scaffolding, offer principles for creating effective scaffolding, and demonstrate a wide variety of practical strategies for using different types of scaffolding to support learners in successfully communicating across the three modes of communication.

Can Do Statements

1) I can identify the cognitive demands of reading in the target language, clarify common misconceptions, and use scaffolding to help students overcome typical challenges.

2) I can embed interactive reading strategies into interpretive tasks to help students become independent readers.

3) I can engage students in communicating about the academic content of texts by scaffolding interpersonal and presentational activities for students.


Culturally Authentic Relia Mixer

Hear/Say Instructions in English


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Reading Infographic

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Wheel Decide


Why read 20 minutes at home?


Although from a presentation that was given in another state, this presentation contains many of the same slides as the one presented at FLENJ today. This will allow you to refer to specific ideas and concepts until I have time to make the correct sentation copyright safe and get it posted for you.

Learning from Life

Professional Resources

LiteracyInLanguageLearning.JPG- A contemporary definition and key characteristics of literacy pertaining to world language education in the 21st century provided by ACTFL

OPIStrategiesInTheWLClassroomRev.JPG - Includes an excellent infographic that outlines a useful process and question prompts for preparing learners for OPIs in the world language classroom

New Jersey World Language Standards

Scaffolding Reading Comprehension in a Foreign Language Class - A blog post from Flippin' with Kirsch that outlines how a team of teachers used a variety of free, web 2.0 technology tools to help learners in a Spanish 3 class read a novel.

The Go-to Strategies: Scaffolding Options for Teachers of English Language Learners - Grounded in 5 excellent core principles for scaffolding, this resource book identifies 78 strategies


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Tech Tools



Concurs de Castells de Tarragona 2012 - L’espectacle casteller més gran del món

Cultura viva. Els Castells

Castellers a la BBC

Concurs de Castells de Tarragona - 4d10fm Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls

Chumba la cachumba video musical. Minilibros Clave de Sol.

Castellers in Montserrat in 360

Derecho a la salud

Matt & Lily Auclair (Dallas Dance - Father/Daughter West Coast Swing Dance

Robert Royston & Melissa Rutz (Grand Nationals) - West Coast Swing Dance

The Danger of a Single Story

The Time You Have in Jellybeans

21st Century Superheroes

Water is Life